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Backlinks checker free: Checking working donors after runs

You can read the links after any run for their presence/absence on the donor pages and the unavailability of the pages

How to use the checker

LinkeRESTER link checker is needed to identify the working donor sites on which links were placed. With it, you can quickly determine the operability of donor sites from various runs for their further use and correction of your own databases.

To do this, you can take a list of links from any report after the run and add them to the donor list field.

In the "Link or domain to search for" field, add the link or domain that you want to find in the code on the donor pages.

If you enter a specific link, then the search will be based on it and only those donors who contain the exact link you specified will remain in the report.

If you just add a domain, then after checking, all donors will remain in the report, in the code of the pages of which the domain you entered is found as part of any links.

Regional Domain Backlink Generators: