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Free Indexing backlinks: link Indexer for Google and Bing online

A service that allows you to reach Google and other search engines quickly and for free and tell them about a new page.

Open this indexer page in Google Chrome (this is mandatory!), insert a list of URLs to run, click "GO!" and leave the computer.

Each link you enter will open for 15 seconds in the window, thanks to which the Google search engine will receive a signal about its existence. And everything is free!

The exact same principle works for indexing in Bing, only each link opens in the search engine itself.

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Why do I need to index backlinks?

If the SEO specialist has built 10 links, and only 2 of them have entered the index, then, in fact, the SEO specialist has built only 2 links that will affect the result. If he does not pay attention to indexing links, then he has wasted his time.

To date, there are many services that speed up the indexing of links for a small fee, but our service is absolutely free. These tools are simply necessary for the effective work of webmasters.

All site indexing services in search engines work approximately according to the same scheme, but not all tell about it in detail.

For example, one of the previously popular services (now, unfortunately, it does not work) revealed the algorithm of its work. While Google's "Ping url" tool was available, I used it for my work. Later, when the "Ping url" stopped functioning, I added a lot of domains to the Google search console, added the urls of these domains for indexing in the Google search console and put 301 redirects from them to the urls of my clients.

How does our backlink indexing service work?

Any browser of the search engine sends signals to the database of this very search engine. For example, Google Chrome is guaranteed to send the information contained in the browser tabs, which you can use. To do this, it is enough to open a page with a back link to your site in the browser and a signal about the existence of such a page will be sent to the Google search engine.

Our system helps to open such pages with whole lists, which makes indexing easier. It is enough for you to perform the actions of our service in the Google Chrome browser.

By adding a list of your links and running a crawl, you just need to leave the page open in the browser and then the system will do everything by itself.